International Water Supply Ltd. (IWS) is a complete groundwater development organization, specializing in the assessment, engineering design, construction, management and maintenance of groundwater supplies. During the past 75 years, IWS has developed more groundwater in Canada for municipal and industrial use than any other Canadian group.
  International Water Supply Ltd. (IWS) provides more than 75 years of pump selection and installation experience. Our staff of Professional Engineers provide expertise to evaluate, design and select pumps for all groundwater applications.  
  IWS has extensive experience in well design and construction providing technologically innovative, cost-effective solutions to any water supply challenge. Well designs are evaluated for a wide range of drilling methods, well types and geologic conditions.  
  IWS employs advanced technologies in rehabilitation of wells. Techniques include mechanical and chemical treatment methods as well Sonar Jet technology. IWS offers over a half century of well rehabilitation experience.  
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